Image of BattlePug Warrior T-Shirt

BattlePug Warrior T-Shirt

The 100% cotton BattlePug Warrior T-Shirt has both the Warrior and his trusty steed/mount/pet the BattlePug! You can tell the BattlePug is about to go into a berzerker frenzy from that vacant spaced out look of his! That's the look of pure carnage folks. Based on Mike Norton's immensely popular web comic the BattlePug Warrior T-Shirt will probably make you popular with Mol. Probably.

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Image of BattlePug Warrior Women's T-Shirt

BattlePug Warrior Women's T-Shirt

Based on Mike Norton's hit web comic the fitted 100% cotton BattlePug Warrior Women's T-Shirt has the Warrior and his trusty 'steed'. Is that what you would call the BattlePug? A steed? Or is he more of a slobbery sidekick? I'm really not quite sure some...

Image of BattlePug Framed T-Shirt

BattlePug Framed T-Shirt

I suddenly wanna play Dungeons and Dragons and have a party that looks similar to the one on the 100% cotton BattlePug Framed T-Shirt. I mean I've tried to get pugs from shops in D&D and then use a scroll of enlargement on them but the DM always makes...

Image of BattlePug Charge Raglan T-Shirt

BattlePug Charge Raglan T-Shirt

The BattlePug Charge Raglan T-Shirt reminds me of the good ol' days when barbarians rode ferocious combat-trained and! I mean I love the normal version of pugs but one that has been bred for war is a spectacle indeed. Based...

Image of BattlePug Logo Women's T-Shirt

BattlePug Logo Women's T-Shirt

The 100% cotton BattlePug Logo Women's T-Shirt is a form fitting shirt for the ladies who happen to fancy high fantasy muscle clad dudes and devastating combat-bred pugs! We certainly could use a lot more of that in the world...pugs bred for war. Would...