Image of Dr. Strange Face Button

Dr. Strange Face Button

Doctor Stephen Strange is going to be really popular pretty soon and it is in no small part due to the machinations of the 1.25 inch diameter Dr. Strange Face Button! You see this great button was trained by the Ancient One and will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in an upcoming movie. That's how important this button is!Ideal for showing off your support for everybody's favorite Sorcerer Supreme the Dr. Strange Face Button is one of those buttons that you should probably already have. Perhaps you do and it's just on another plane of existence. Those details get a little murky to the untrained!

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Image of Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto Button

Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto Button

Doctor Strange has many fantastic relics and artifacts of tremendous magical power. He has that cloak. He has the Eye of Agamotto. He has the Genesis Device. All of those pale in comparison to the might of the Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto Button!Based...

Image of Dr. Strange Image Button

Dr. Strange Image Button

Doctor Strange has an interesting skill set. He was originally trained as a surgeon but an accident left him crippled and without purpose. Like anybody that has been cast adrift Doctor Strange found himself in Tibet and faced with the Dr. Strange Image...

Image of Dr. Strange Action Pose Button

Dr. Strange Action Pose Button

Sometimes remember spells can be a little tricky. There's this hand motion and this equation and this do you keep all of that together? Look at what happens when you mess a spell Ash Williams in Army of Darkness. You'll be able to...

Image of Dr. Strange Strange Things Men's T-Shirt

Dr. Strange Strange Things Men's T-Shirt

When you cross Benedict Cumberbatch with magic you get the Dr. Strange Strange Things Men's T-Shirt! Oh and a movie. Both are equally impressive don't you think? I mean it takes a pretty damn good shirt to express the magical wonder of Dr. Strange and...