Image of X-Men Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

X-Men Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

Heading up to New York this weekend to visit a certain Institute for Gifted Youngsters and run by a powerful telepath? Then you need the super coolX-Men Logo Bi-Fold Wallet! Made from a faux-leather(polyester and polyurethane) this great wallet has a raised metal X-Men symbol on the front as well as your standard compliment of pockets and sleeves for your money credit cards and identification. Even if you aren't headed up there you have to admit that this is one sweet wallet!This X-Men wallet is what you need to showing off your loyalty to Professor X's merry band of mutants. That is unless you are his son Legion. If that's the case you might need 1000 of these things...each for your different personalities! You don't want Sally without a wallet now do you?

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Image of Captain Marvel Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

Captain Marvel Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

The Captain Marvel Logo Bi-Fold Wallet was once a normal wallet but Captain Mar-Vell shielded it from an explosion that resulted in his Kree-based powers passing onto this great faux-leather wallet. I'm not entirely sure of the science behind that story...

Image of Punisher Logo and Symbols Bi-Fold Wallet

Punisher Logo and Symbols Bi-Fold Wallet

What's one way to keep your currency and cards together while showing off your affection of the gun-toting cat-loving Frank Castle? The Punisher Logo and Symbols Bi-Fold Wallet of course! Nobody is allowed to mess with that symbol and logo lest they incur...

Image of Superman USA Bi-Fold Wallet

Superman USA Bi-Fold Wallet

Take equal parts America Superman and a faux leather and what do you get? A freakish leather Superman in the red white and blue? No! You get the Superman USA Bi-Fold Wallet! Just imagine how patriotic people will feel when in the presence of this wallet.Made...

Image of Ant-Man Comic Cover Bi-Fold Wallet

Ant-Man Comic Cover Bi-Fold Wallet

Ants are an amazingly intelligence and social insect. Ant-Man usually goes down there on the weekends armed with his cybernetic helmet and the Ant-Man Comic Cover Bi-Fold Wallet. He stops in at the ant-casino the ant-spa and the ant-bar! He's really big...