Image of X-Men Magneto Button

X-Men Magneto Button

The X-Men Magneto Button has had it up to 'here' with humanity. All he wants is to be left alone and not worried about mutants getting wrangled up into concentration camps and he gets labeled a bad guy...sometimes! I guess it really depends what is going on but he's at least an anti-hero!Showing off Marvel's Master of Magnetism the X-Men Magneto Button measures 1.25 inches in diameter and is probably good friends with Cyclops. Kind of surprising isn't it? I bet Professor X is kicking himself in butt right now!

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Image of X-Men Magneto Evolution 30 Single T-Shirt

X-Men Magneto Evolution 30 Single T-Shirt

Well it looks like this crazy soft 100% cotton X-Men Magneto Evolution 30 Single T-Shirt is on the 'evil' side of Magneto. Sometime he is a good guy...while other times he is a self appointed mutant savior(arrogant). This the latter! That's...

Image of X-Men Magneto Funko Pocket Pop Keychain

X-Men Magneto Funko Pocket Pop Keychain

Now you can wrangle up your keys with Marvel's Master of Magnetism with the around 1.25'' high X-Men Magneto Funko Pocket Pop Keychain! He just uses a keychain though and not his Omega-level mutant powers. I think he's saving those for Asteroid-M!With...

Image of Deadpool From Above Button

Deadpool From Above Button

Here's a 1.25 inch diameter Deadpool From Above Button where the Merc with a Mouth looks kinda...normal? Yeah! He isn't blowing something up or eating Mexican food or being a general disruption. He's just...standing there. Suddenly I'm super afraid; this...

Image of Lex Corp Button

Lex Corp Button

Do you often get upset at the idea of an all-powerful being from another planet being able to do whatever he wants? If anybody should be able to do that it is you...that is if you are Lex Luthor and you have the Lex Corp Button! Not Jesse Eisenberg though....